Mini Metro
Traffic simulation game, with a beautiful, minimalistic design. 

paid simulation traffic flow minimalistic

Connect your metro stations with a mobile friendly user interface, and try to optimize your rail network to the max.

Colorful game, for a quick puzzle challenge. 

paid puzzle colors demo-version

An easy to learn, casual puzzle game, with a beautiful, minimalistic, color style.

80 Days
Interactive story game, steampunk style. 

paid role playing interactive story steampunk

A great combination of interactive story telling and adventure role playing. Beside that it has amazing graphics, a well written story, and nice steampunk touch.

Stranger Things: The Game
Explore Hawkins, solving puzzles, fighting evil. 

free adventure action explore puzzle

This game takes you back into the 80ies. Just like the TV show, this games takes you back in time, right on your mobile phone. Zelda style.

Discover, quest, level-up & fight. 

paid adventure action craft

A fun little game, which motivates you to quest, discover, level-up and fight for hours and hours. A great story, and just the right amount of humour.

Classic point & click adventure. 

paid adventure point-and-click

If you are a fan of classic point & click adventures, you will love this. And if this reminds you of games like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle, then this is no coincidence.